Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The "Easy Reader" Book Club

A few of my girls have recently been telling me about the book clubs they take part in and how the getting-to-know-you groups have given them great opportunities to mingle with lovely women in a comfy and casual atmosphere, while always having an interesting topic (book) to get the conversation started. Well, for someone like me who has the attention span of, ummm, well, a 2 year old, (sadly and somewhat embarrassingly!) I could probably never finish a book in only a month...so my dreams of taking part in any sort of stimulating, wine-filled soiree while munching on cheese and crackers and giggling over the drama-filled pages of novel after novel is unfortunately not something that is going to fit in with my hectic schedule at this point.

BUT...my clever girlfriend Annie had a fabulous idea the other night. She called it the "Easy Reader" Book Club. The concept would basically be that each reader would bring a short article, blog post, poem, snippet or any other sort of simple literature and share it with the group...something that could be read in just a few minutes...something that could even keep a 2-year old's attention!

I just love this idea. Yet another great excuse for wine and munchies with a group of girlfriends, meanwhile sharing insightful information (and catching up on all-things girlie)! So...stay tuned...we will probably be reaching out soon to invite ya to the Easy Reader Book Club!