Friday, February 4, 2011

The power of a hug...

I was watching the Today Show last week (can't start my day without Matt, Meredith & Ann!), and they were featuring a couple of "relationship experts." They ran through some of their top tips to maintain a healthy, strong connection with your significant other, and I found one point to stand out amongst the rest.

Hug your partner for at least 30 seconds a day.

I love this. So simple yet studies show it can create huge impact on the success of a relationship. Matt & I have always been very affectionate toward each other, and hugging has been part of saying good morning and good night for us, every day. Without realizing it before, I can now see how significant this simple action can be in a relationship - whether with your partner, children, friends - hugging creates a positive chemical reaction that increases our connection to others.

So, be sure to hug those you love whenever you have the opportunity - actions speak louder than words!!!

Have a beautiful Super Bowl weekend!