Monday, January 31, 2011

The Formula...

Alrighty...more skin stuff...I think I've finally figured it out, though! After years of personal research and trying almost every product I could get my hands on - natural & chemical - I believe I finally have the anti-aging formula. At least, this is what makes my skin look its best...
  • SUNSCREEN - spf 30+ every single day - ideally should contain Zinc Oxide 6% or more. DeVita is a luxurious natural product that adds great moisture, and Clinique City Block spf 40 is another good one, although not all-natural.

  • MOISTURE - it's amazing what a difference I see in my fine lines when I use a fabulous moisturizer under my sunscreen. My favorite is Josie Maran's Argan Oil. I did an experiment this weekend where I looked at my skin with basic moisturizer and then used the Argan Oil and there was a substantial difference - fine lines were instantly reduced and my skin had a fresh glow. Love that stuff!

  • DIET - we all know it, but for years, I had hoped I could try to make my skin look great while still indulging in my favorite sugary goodies (anything baked - cookies, brownies, cupcakes). Nope. There is almost an immediate difference in my skin when I fill my body with treats. After only a few days of going on a no-sugar (or any processed foods), high omega fatty-acids (fresh salmon, flax oil or fish oil) and lots of antioxidents (fresh berries, kale, spinach) the creases in my forehead disappeared...seriously. Who needs botox!?! You just have to be super disciplined in what you eat...which, for most of us, can pose quite a challenge. But at least before an event or big night out, try doing the no-sugar, heavy omegas/antioxident rich diet for 5-7 days...I promise you will see a difference! The power of diet is pretty incredible. Oh, this also includes absolutely NO alcohol...not even a sip of red wine :(

Like most people, I find Gisele to be absolutely stunning...and what makes her more than just a gorgeous face, is that she is at the forefront of whole, balanced living. She's even created her own all-natural, organic skincare line - Sejaa (I haven't tried it yet), and also maintains an all-organic, fresh, nothing processed, low-sugar diet...and of course is an avid exerciser & yogi.

While no skincare regimen will actually make me look like Gisele (darn!), I've really never seen much of a change in my skin until I followed everything listed above. If you try it, I'd love to hear your results. I actually think you can see a difference in just a few try it for 3-4 days first, and see what you think!

Have a great week! xoxo