Saturday, April 17, 2010

Get fresh...

A few months ago, I found a new & TV personality, Sara Snow. It might seem odd that I am calling someone a mentor who I don't know personally, but I truly admire her work and am inspired after every show I watch - Get Fresh with Sara Snow
Sara is on a crusade to educate the masses about healthy and whole living for ourselves and our environment, and her charasmatic upbeat personality is that of a younger, hipper, more fun Martha Stewart. She grew up in a sustainable home with parents who had a mission to "save the world through healthy food options," running one of the first natural foods stores in the US. Each episode of Get Fresh with Sara Snow is full of healthy living tips...from her travels to organic farms and wineries, maintaining a sustainable garden & yard and natural cleaning products, to surfing with one of Kashi's nutritionists and giving delicious healthy recipe ideas...she covers all-things eco.

She has a special one-hour episode coming up on Discovery Health this week - April 22nd @ 4pm. Set your DVRs and enjoy learning great easy-to-implement eco tips from a host that is engaging and entertaining!