Friday, April 2, 2010

Going Granola...

As I do every Friday, I took in the crisp, sunny weather today while I did my usual mid-day mosey around the Farmer's Market.

As I catch up with my tofu/tempeh friend who also sells fresh coconuts, I think to myself - he is the best salesman I have ever met. With such witty finesse, he is always effortlessly convincing me to spend the bulk of my money on his scrumptious, soy-based, protein-rich products. What a simple and wonderful job he has...enjoying the lovely days chit-chatting with those strolling through the various markets he attends; doing it with such enthusiasm, positivity and great energy. He seems so happy, so complete, so fulfilled.

For a moment I thought - how cool would it be to represent farmers and local food companies, and work at weekly farmer's markets, helping to sell the product, interacting with friendly customers; just spending your day outside in a cheerful atmosphere of simplicity?! Once again, it made me realize how drawn I have become to living a simple life.

There I was. Holding my full, reusable shopping bags in both arms, wearing faded leggings and Tom's shoes, hair a bit tasseled from lack of attention, just a dash of makeup on, and I stood for a moment...have I gone from fashionista to granola? (ok, "fashionista" is a bold term to use...but having worked in fashion for the bulk of my career and always being a fan of style, I thought it would be the best way for me to describe the transition in basic terms)

Well, if that's the case, I must say...I hope you will try being granola too, because every day that I do something that I know is helping to create positive change for myself, my family and my environment, I feel just one small step closer toward feeling whole - mind, body and spirit. There is a deep, soulful comfort in it. Even the smallest, simplest all adds up :)

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!!