Sunday, May 16, 2010

Easy Eco...

In an effort to help spread positive goodness to my friends, family and fellow bloggers, I am going to start posting a weekly "green tip" - realistic, simple steps to incorporate everyday that make big changes toward a healthy and happy life - for yourself, your family and your environment :)

Much of the information I will post is courtesy of a book that my insightful and eco-conscious little brother gave me for Christmas a couple years ago - The Green Book.

**Today's Tidbit**

If you have not already, please make the switch to reusable bags!! Whether you are shopping at the grocery store, Target, mall, boutiques, farmer's market...bring reusable bags on all of your shopping trips and help cut down on the one hundred BILLION (yikes!) plastic bags that U.S. households dispose of annually, littering the environment and harming endagered marine life.

Some of your are thinking, "well, I just get paper bags and recycle them." Sorry...still no good. We are cutting down millions of virgin-forested trees every year, destroying natural habitats, and there is a ton of energy used to recycle the paper bags, not to mention the energy used to produce the bags in the first place.

Bottom line - just bring your own bag and take a huge step in lessening your impact on the environment!

Happy Sunday!