Tuesday, November 23, 2010

To Gobble...or not to Gobble?!

I was on the treadmill this morning, happily starting my day with a dose of the Food Network (a great way to multi-task...cooking tips & working out all-in-one!) and I was watching a special on Thanksgiving, specifically on preparing a turkey (considering I will never be making a turkey, i have no idea why I kept watching??). They were poking and prodding this lifeless, plucked, rubbery thing, and it was enough to make my stomach turn. And then, as the chef was talking about the turkeys and what it meant to be a "young" one, he simply stated - "they are the turkeys who are 18 wks or less before going to market."

Going to market?! All I could think was...ok, to avoid making it a "reality" that each bird is slaughtered, often under awful circumstances, he used the phrase, "going to market" so that no one would visualize what really happens to these intelligent animals. I found that quite interesting. As I have continued to pursue a path of pescatarianism (did I make up that word?), my philosophy has become - if I couldn't kill it myself, then I won't eat it. I think we often look at things like "out of sight, out of mind." But that doesn't mean that it, whatever "it" may be, didn't happen. Just food for thought :)

I don't mean to sound preachy or that I judge those who indulge in meat & poultry - I completely embrace that this is just my own personal choice. I know most of my friends and family will blissfully be enjoying their stuffed turkeys this Thursday, and I was right there with them up until just a couple yrs ago...but this was just something that was on my mind, and I figured I'd share.

Someday, when I get a few more years of cooking under my belt, I am going to host the first ever Christensen/Singley vegetarian Thanksgiving. Easier on the environment, easier on my conscience, easier on our bellies, easier on our hearts...why not?! With the help of Alicia Silverstone's FABULOUS vegan cookbook, The Kind Diet, I'm confident I can make a delicious Thanksgiving feast to remember!!

p.s. this also makes a great gift...you don't have to be a vegan to enjoy Silverstone's tasty treats and scrumptious savories like fried rice, artichoke dip, mixed berry cheesecake, cornbread stuffing and chocolate dipped shortbread cookies!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! xoxo