Friday, March 4, 2011

My new must-have!

So, I went to Whole Foods last Saturday and found myself mesmerized by a demonstration going on by a cheery older woman in the middle of the produce section. She was chopping, blending, hollering...having a blast...all as part of promoting what has become our new favorite kitchen item - the Vitamix.

I watched as she threw in whole carrots, kale, spinach, pineapple, almonds and a random selection of other edible items and the Vitamix (blender) worked its magic...within seconds, everything was mixed into complete liquid. She passed out samples and wowza! Delicious! Then she moved onto making hot tortilla soup within minutes...again, just throwing a bunch of veggies, broth and chips into the Vitamix and created a scrumptious and healthy soup full of whole vegetables. Soooo good and packed with nutrition.

Then I saw the price tag...and walked away. But, I had to go to Whole Foods again on Sunday, and there she was again. And, after calling Matt and telling him how amazing this machine is and how we just had to have it to make our kitchen complete, I ended up walking out with our new favorite household item.

I have to say, this thing is ahhhhhmazing. We use it every day - at least once, if not 2-3 times! We make the BEST smoothies every morning, homemade hummus (best hummus ever!!), and even ice cream! It's crazy. I happened to have lunch with a good friend and fellow nutrition-nut, and she told me she's actually had hers for years and has seriously considered being a sales rep for them because she's turned so many friends onto it! ha!
Anyway...just something worth checking out to help make living a healthy lifestyle even more convenient. Oh, and it makes great baby food for all of you mommies!