Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A taste of fashion

For years, I've admired and enjoyed the uber-fashionable, sometimes fantasy-like and oh-so-cool postings by photographer and fashionisto, Scott Schuman, on The Sartorialist. This guy is simply brilliant.

Even more than the incredible clothing and beautiful people that he captures in his perfect portraits, it's the location and background that always has me endlessly perusing through. He primarily shoots in NY, Milan and Paris, and I feel like I am taken to each location in his photos; there, next to the woman on the bike in the middle of a bustling city street in Paris, or walking through the park where another woman poses (never smiling, of course) in her cape, short skirt and booties - total perfection and totally French. His shots are typically a little gloomy and chilly - for me, this means cozy, Fall-like, and romantic...making it even more glam.

I feel like I have a "sneak peak" into traveling - beauty, culture, style - when I go to his's so simple but so beautiful.