Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Good to know...

As mentioned in a recent post, some of my favorite mags to read are health-related...and interestingly, my absolute fave is actually the one that my hubby subscribes to:  Men's Health.  It's very well written - witty, entertaining, straight-forward (without all the mushy-girlie stuff you find in women's health mags) and full of great tips for a healthy lifestyle - even the art direction of the mag makes it a fun read. 

Well, further to a recent post I did about interval training, the latest Men's Health had a great note that I wanted to share:

"Forget the excuses.  Just half an hour of weekly interval training can improve your health, say researchers at McMaster University.  When people with type 2 diabetes did 10 minutes of intervals, 3 days a week for 2 weeks, their metabolism spiked and blood-sugar levels fell.  Intense intervals may stimulate muscle changes that help shuttle sugar from your blood."

Great to know that you can really see health results from as little as 30 min a week! 

Another "fun" fact, courtesy of Men's Health:

"The germiest thing in your home is your SPONGE!!!  When scientists from NSF International tabulated the germ count on 30 household items in 22 homes, they found kitchen sponges and dishrags to be top germ hot spots.  Their tip:  Sanitize sponges DAILY by rinsing in warm water and then microwave for 2 minutes; replace them often.  Change dishtowels every other day."

And if there is ever an odor coming from any sponge or towel, that means it's BEYOND crawling with's totally infested!  So toss immediately in those instances to avoid spreading germs.  Also, if you use scrub brushes, make sure to change regularly as well - especially if bristles look stained and are not in-tact. 

Just thought you might find this stuff interesting too  :)