Friday, May 18, 2012


My fabulous friend, Tiana Becker and her friend Ally Lopez, started a totally awesome blog a while ago - Bikini Bird - that focuses on fashion, art, beauty and design, catering to the lovely ladies who live in or just have deep appreciation for beach lifestyle.  It's gained incredible attention since it's creation, and has quite a following of fashionistas, industry-experts, design junkies and beach-going beauties. 

I met Tiana years ago when she was living in So-Cal working for a surf/lifestyle brand...she's now living in Hawaii (where she's originally from), running a successful repping business in the surf industry and maintaining her blog that is quickly gaining fashion industry recognition and new followers every day.

For years, Tiana and I have talked about working together on a blog (thinking about starting a travel one because we both have crazy travel bugs...each of us having a need to jump on a plane every few months!), but in the meantime, she asked me to be a guest blogger on Bikini Bird, which of course I was super happy to do!!

I did my first post with her this week...about getting ready for bikini season and the perfect morning treat to help get you off on the right start.  Click here to see!

Below are some images I pulled from the many beautiful photos, they do an amazing job over there...

To Tiana and the Bikini Bird team...much love and hope to see you in Hawaii next week xoxo