Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our next chapter...

Time has gone by so quickly in recent months, I can't believe I am already returning back to work (after an almost 5-month long maternity leave, which I know I am incredibly lucky to have had).  I had become so good at ignoring the fact that I would "someday" have to go back to the real always seemed so far out, which was wonderful because I was able to fully be present with our sweet little angel while the thought of work was always so distant.  And here we are.  Time to go back.  I am in such a haze almost feels surreal that my leave is coming to an end, and our baby girl is already almost 5 months old.  

This beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime journey (first born) has proven to be soooo much more than I expected it could ever be.  I am beyond grateful for the time I've had to bond with our sweetie - all the moments snuggling on our couch, long mornings enjoying "smoothie time" as a family, going to baby classes, visiting with friends and their little ones, walks on the strand, many brunches at North End Cafe, strolling farmer's markets, sleeping with baby girl on my chest, and all of the wonderful visits with grandparents and aunties & uncles.  So much time spent just the three of us; watching daddy sing and play...and all of the beautiful and special moments in between.  

The middle-of-the-night feedings already seem so long ago...and for any mommy who is just starting their journey into parenthood, I would say enjoy every moment of snuggles you get during the wee hours of the night.  While it might be hard to realize now (when you're in the thick of it), those sweet moments when it's just you and baby and the moon are some of the most precious times that I will always remember.

When I reflect back on the time I've had, I see the sun shining cheerfully through our living room windows, flooding our home with a warm and happy light...I'm snuggled up on our couch with my little's afternoon and we are enjoying a long lazy nap together.  This has so often been the setting for us.  One of my favorite memories was over the holidays...Ellie and I fell asleep on the couch together, while the sun was still shining brightly, and when I woke up the sun had set and our living room was beautifully lit up by twinkle lights on our Christmas tree; they created such a lovely, cozy glow.  It was a perfect moment that I will never forget.  

Everyone tells me it only gets better from here.  I can't imagine that it could get any better than this...but I look forward to what's next.