Thursday, March 13, 2014

Do something.

I write today with a heavy heart.  Last night, not long after I drifted off into a peaceful sleep in the warm, safe comforts of my bed, I woke up...a haunting vision flooded my mind from a news report I had seen the day before of a Syrian mother whose 14 year-old daughter had been kidnapped during the on-going, devastating civil war.  The desperate woman said words that I will never forget.  She fought through tears and cried, "My heart is broken...I wonder if she is cold or hungry...I just want her back." 

Please take a moment to think about that.  As a mother, I can't even comprehend the suffering she endures, every minute of every day, thinking about her daughter.  Not knowing where she is, who she is with or what she is going through; or if she is even alive.  All joy has been ripped away, replaced by overwhelming sorrow; the unthinkable for any parent.  She's now living with her 6 children in a cardboard box (in ice-cold temperatures), having been forced to flee from their home.  Her husband recently suffered a stroke, and is unable to take care of himself, so their 8 year-old son is now responsible for the family.  For more, click here.

While I have followed the stories about the Syrian war for quite some time, it was this story that I know will continue to keep me awake at night.  I will never forget the pain in this mother's face.  I cry for her as I type...and every time I think of her. 

Innocence is being ripped from a generation.  I wanted to share this story, and facts about the Syrian crisis, as well as how you can do your part to HELP.  I also encourage you to read this article, and to also check out for their continuous coverage on Syria's children.

  • The UN says the suffering in Syria is becoming the most horrific humanitarian catastrophe of our time
  • Children have been tortured and executed
  • 140,000 people killed in the war so far
  • 10,000+ children killed, #s growing daily
  • Thousands of children wounded
  • 5 million children scarred by the 3 year war
  • 4.3 million children are in urgent need of health & humanitarian assistance
  • 38,000 babies born as refugees so far
  • 1 million child refugees; 1 million living near the front lines of battle
  • Millions are living in boxes, eating only WEEDS to survive
  • Brutal living in filth and war; food is scarce
  • Young girls being kidnapped from their families
  • Children are unable to receive vaccination coverage for the most common preventable diseases

World Food Programme - - this year, the WFP will help 7 million Syrians struggling with starvation & malnutrition

Save the Children - - providing protection, healthcare, food and water to the children of Syria

UNICEF - - providing winter clothes, healthcare, psychological help, shelter and sanitation.  Have provided 2.7 children for polio, 4 mil educational material, and have gotten clean water to 39k ppl