Monday, August 25, 2014

All dressed up in white...

As I continue to plan for our "someday" house, I've recently become much more active on Pinterest, Houzz, BHG, Coastal Living and Lonny…not to mention numerous design blogs…and one thing is always clear about my style - I LOVE LOVE LOVE white.  White walls.  White sheets.  White couches (crazy with an almost 2-year old but, hey, I still love 'em!).  White kitchens.  White bathrooms.  Fresh, clean, bright, happy white.  All with pops of color to add life and character….especially blue, greens and yellows, to bring in the beach that is so close yet sometimes seems so far, along with a touch of our travels abroad.  

As you can see below, I'm a bit conflicted with styles I love, between an eclectic/layered/relaxed style to a more preppy/traditional look…but I do my best to incorporate a little of both into our living space.  I just go with what I like and hope it all comes together, naturally… :)

Dream kitchen…including banquette for casual, cozy dining...and the huge windows

Someday I will have a blue door.

Love.  Everything.

This is just a fun, happy place…I'd do a different color bar stool but still love

Obsessed with old-meets-new…this cabinet is fab

Looks like the bedroom of someone well-traveled.  Love.

Perfect spot to enjoy some tea and blog… :)