Sunday, August 17, 2014

So, this is just a re-post of something I wrote a couple years ago…but I continue to be reminded of how fortunate I am to have such kind and genuine people in my life, and I wanted to again share my thoughts about those who are closest and dearest to me.  This still stands so true.

The Beauty of an Old Soul

Growing up, we've all heard the term "old soul." I had never really found myself using it to describe anyone, though, until I met my husband 12 years ago. For the first time, I could truly identify with the words and what they meant. It quickly became clear and is always how I first describe him...for he is, without a doubt, an old, wise soul who has lived many, many lives. While it was after meeting my husband that I first recognized the meaning of this, he was not the first old soul who had been part of my life...he was just the one who made me aware.

I'm not about to launch into religious or spiritual blabber...but it just seems that lately, more than ever before, it's become so clear that there are those who are born with an energy and wisdom from a time before. I, unfortunately, am not one of them. I am full of all things that I believe a "young soul" is guilty of - dramatic, hyper-sensative, and always on a quest to be a better person and more effectively communicate with those around me, just to name a few!

I truly believe that, if you're very lucky, you are connected with people who have lived an enriched existence - they have an understanding of "who they are" at a young age, and they can see situations from all sides, not just their own. They know when to speak, or when to say nothing at all. They are peaceful, gentle and very thoughtful about all that they do. Old souls see the "big picture" and often have the ability to be present more than the rest of us. They articulate themselves in a calm and effective manner, they do not judge or criticise, and are never hot-tempered. They are not insecure and accept all, or most, of who they are - thankful for all they have.

These people are gems. They are our mentors. They are here to help put a mirror in front of the rest of us so we become aware of how to become a better continue the cycle of learning from our mistakes, and developing into stronger, wiser souls. 

I believe many of us encounter very few old souls in our life. We need to embrace those who create positive energy in our lives. I know I'm incredibly fortunate, for I have, without consciously knowing, surrounded myself with teachers of life. It is because of these people that I'm constantly on a quest to learn, grow and give back. 

I've never been particularly religious, but one thing I know from my interactions with others over 34 years...we come back after it all ends. Not as ourselves, and possibly not even in a human form...but I truly believe that some people are born wiser and more thoughtful than others. And I count my blessings that I know so many of those beautiful souls.

Bali, courtesy of Taryn Kent Photography