Saturday, August 9, 2014

What's Up Moms?

First, I can't believe this You Tube channel, What's Up Moms?, has only just now come onto my radar…I could've definitely used the candid, hilarious and oh-so-true insight and advice on all-things momminess many sleepless nights ago!  

These mamas are amazing - their You Tube channel offers totally honest, real insight on what it's like to be a mom (so you are assured not to feel alone in your own chaotic day of juggling baby's sleep/eat/poop schedule!), they share creative DIY projects, provide healthy recipes for kiddos and have created the BEST parodies…but most importantly, they are just completely relatable for any new mama.  They tell it how it is.  And I love it.  Here's a couple videos below to check out, and I recommend going to their channel here for more…totally worth watching!  Enjoy xoxox