Sunday, September 7, 2014

Daily practice...

For 21 days, I participated in an online guided meditation with Deepak Chopra, and it was such a wonderful, centering way to start each day.  In effort to remember some of what I've learned, I thought I'd share here…perhaps you, too, will find some of these mantras helpful if you choose to use them.

Deepak says that contentment is the source of true happiness.  He shared that life requires no struggle, fear or resistance; you only need to be.  And to become enlightened, you stop running all the time and you begin to walk…and once you're walking you slow down and stop.  Once you stop, you see who you really are.  

The journey of meditation is a process of relaxing and letting go (and, for most, it takes a lot of practice, but it is well worth the time).  Below are several Sanskrit Mantras that may help take you there.  Choose one, get comfy (sitting on the floor, your couch, upright in your bed), turn on relaxing music if you'd like, close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply…and silently repeat the mantra, over and over to yourself and let your mind take you away…even as little as 5 minutes a day can provide significant life-changing benefits.  And remember - it's ok if your mind wanders (it will…), but when you realize it, just bring yourself back to your breath and the mantra.  Be patient with yourself.  I usually have to do this almost a dozen times through my 20-min meditations!

Sanskrit Mantra (in bold):
Rabhasa Hum - I am pure delight (my happiness shines everywhere)
Ravaye Hum - I am the light of radiance (my happiness energizes and inspires me)
Karuna Hum - I am compassion (I radiate sympathy and acceptance)
Seva Hum - I am service (my soul expands when I help others)
Prasada Hum - I am devine grace
Shanti Vira - I radiate devine blessings (I am a calming presence)
Purnamindam - I feel fulfilled (I walk in the light of my fulfillment)

In addition, I've also included (below) two 30 minute guided meditations that I have found very helpful during the last few months, as I've continued to explore the power that it has to help heal us, and open us… (thank you Aunt Mary!)

Asking for Nothing and Receiving Everything

Heal Thyself

I hope you enjoy...