Saturday, December 27, 2014

Special moments...

I can't believe my favorite holidays have already come and gone…too quickly.  I would be happy enjoying December for months; just time to simply enjoy each festive moment and snuggle up on the couch watching some of our favorite winter flicks on chilly nights.

One of my favorite memories of this holiday season is when, the Sunday before Christmas, we headed down for our first time to Hollywood Riviera (in Redondo Beach) where the beautiful and quaint little neighborhood comes together to spread holiday cheer for those near and far.  It's truly magical.  I can't believe we had never gone before…it is the holidays at its very best.  Houses strung full of lights, decorations galore (anywhere else they could possibly be considered tacky but somehow it totally works in the Riviera!).  I loved everything…every snowman, every Santa, every tree that was lit up and down the lovely streets…so special.  

We bought hot cocoa from young teenagers who were fundraising, happy as can be (Matt also got a Krispy Cream donut and Cup-o-Noodles!), and we spent hours walking up and down each festive street with home-owners out on their porches, spreading cheer…it was perfection.  A night I will always look back on and smile :)  And I'm pretty sure Ellie loved it as much as Mommy did.

Ellie wanted a closer look!