Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Beginning of the Movement!

Oh Lovely Sunday!

We had such a wonderful turnout last night for our very first Collectively for a Cause - Girls' Night Out get-together! Many thanks to all of the lovely, inspiring ladies who came over to enjoy wine and munchies (yay! kale chips!), and spend our Saturday night sharing information about everything from the most simple ways to go-green today/sustainable living, to women's discrimation/"gendercide" in developing countries, sponsoring children living in poverty to help provide food/clothing/shelter, the Surfrider Foundation, American Red Cross, and more! The passion and enthusiasm that all of the girls brought to the table was AMAZING and I am sooo excited to collectively get this movement into action...women stepping up to make change!!

Below is a list of details for some of the main points discussed (and we still have sooo much more for our next garthering in March!):

To sponsor a child in a developing country (we have seen first hand how much as little as $30 a month can truly change the lives of little ones and their families/villages):
World Vision - Children of the Nation -

Book to buy today...
Half the Sky – Turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide By Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn *Read it and pass it along to a friend…spread the word…

Movie to rent this weekend...
Water by Deepa Mehta (foreign film)

Jump online and donate today to help provide life-saving resources for women in developing countries:
Go to,,, to change a woman’s life today!

Personal blogs to stop by and visit (and make sure to become a follower!):
Taryn's blogs (photographer):
Dana's blog (dietician):

Love you ladies, and thanks again for all of your support, encouragement and passion!! Can't wait till our next visit...brunch in Newport :)