Saturday, February 27, 2010

Raising Awareness - Girls' Night of Inspiration courtesy of FFFFOUND

After many chats with girlfriends, I realized that we ALL want to do our part to give back, but that we often let "life" simply get in the way, and taking time to volunteer or help those in need usually falls by the wayside, even with the best of intentions.

Then the earthquake in Haiti happened...and the suffering I saw smeared across my TV, day-in and day-out, was something that I simply couldn't get out of my head.

Having been fortunate to surround myself with lovely women who have hearts of gold - kind and generous - I knew they would feel my same passion toward giving back, so I decided to organize a group of girls who have inspired me in so many ways, in an effort to collectively do our part to take steps toward helping those less fortunate than us.

Tonight, I am hosting the first Girls' Night of Inspiration, where, over cocktails and munchies, we will share information about causes and organizations that we feel passionate about. I am confident that, together, we can truly make an impact to better the lives of others, while also becoming more fulfilled in our own. From discussions over Haiti relief, to the suffering going on in developing countries, children's organizations, and ways to live a more healthy and whole life for you, your family and your environment, this group is about spreading knowledge about how we can make a difference, one step at a time...and putting it into action...all while enjoying time with a wonderful group of women (which is always enriching for the soul)!

I will be sure to share all of the valuable information in the notes to come...

Have a lovely day!!