Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello Lovely!

Thanks for stopping by! With the encouragement of my beautiful and always-inspiring girlfriends, I have wanted to start this for ages, and I'm sooo excited to finally be here!! As the rain clouds rolled in and loom over, I decided today was the perfect day to curl up on my couch, wrap myself in my blue Snuggie (the best white elephant gift ever!!) and begin my quest into the wonderful world of blogging....

Its Lovely Lately is a little hub for me to share all of the tidbits I discover, being 30 years old, newly engaged, and…4 months into wedding planning was incredibly surprised to find out that I was pregnant (due date is our wedding date)!! So, along with juggling a busy career, planning our simple & intimate backyard wedding (now being pushed into the following year), always making time to have date night with my soon-to-be hubby and drinks with the girls (sparkling water with a splash of lime, please!), while continuing to pursue all that inspires me - whole living and doing our part to give back - I am now planning for a new beautiful life...with baby.

This is my journey, and I hope you will enjoy with me. I look forward to sharing tidbits that I hope will enrich your life in many simple little ways.