Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Kind Life

One of my favorite blogs to visit is, which was started by Alicia Silverstone who is, along with being an actress, a long-time vegan and huge supporter of animal rights. Her blog is great...contains yummy, healthy vegan recipes (I bought her cookbook - The Kind Diet - soooo good!), tips on living a healthier life, natural beauty remedies and lots of other fabulous finds.

She recently posted a link from daytime TV show, Ellen, where the writer of Eating Animals, Jonathan Safran, was interviewed. Don't worry - this link isn't going to make you cringe or anything - it's just contains some must-know facts about the meat industry.

If you are not interested in going vegetarian, no worries...but if you just cut down your meat intake by a couple times a week, you can greatly improve your health and make a big impact on the health of our environment! A household that replaces only one pound of beef with one pound of soy (tofu, etc.) per month will conserve 20 thousand gallons of water per year. And your heart will thank you, too :)