Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Friday...

Today has been a good day. I'm not really in my 'funk' anymore...more of a 'fog' now. I am a little spacey and I feel a bit disconnected from my feelings and emotions (which is a nice break)...just going through the motions of my usual Friday.

The highlight of every Friday for me is my weekly trip to the Farmer's Market. I am always greeted so kindly by the generous vendors, graciously handing me sample after sample, as though it's something new, even though they know I try the same thing every week. I pick up the sweetest bright red strawberries and most crisp, delicious apples that you will ever taste...and the naturally dried fruit is like a dessert. It's always a lovely experience walking around, eating while I go...having each vendor wish me a "good day" with a genuine smile. I breathe in all of the positive energy and let the sun cover me like a warm, cozy blanket.

Supporting our local farmers and buying organic produce to create a healthy home for yourself and your family is such an important part of what we can do to help heal our environment. But even more, while you stroll outside on a beautiful day, the experience of being greeted by friendly vendors who take such pride in their farms, while you enjoy the freshness of a strawberry that was picked only the day before, is one of life's simple little treats.

Whenever possible, try to cut out the middle man, and get your food directly from those who put love, care and lots of hard work into what they do...they do it so well!! The food is more nutritious, is chemical & pesticide-free, tastes sooo much better and it's an easy way for you to take one more step toward going green :)

Happy Weekend!! xoxo