Thursday, March 18, 2010

One Week...

Well, it's been one week. One week since Matt and my little world changed so much...again.

The time went by so fast...I still have moments of grief where it seems like it just happened yesterday, and I can't quite get my arms around it. We are handling it as well as we can, and continuing to keep ourselves as busy as possible...hopeful to soon let go of the sadness that often quietly creeps up with no warning and wraps it's dark arms around me so tightly, leaving me breathless.

That darkness overwhelmed me yesterday just comes out of nowhere...and for whatever reason, continued to linger through most of the day. I was in a total funk. But we made sure to end our day on a lovely note, enjoying the illuminating pink and orange St. Pattie's Day sunset at a quiet little park nestled above the ocean, sipping a glass of wine, just the two of us.

I found a picture on Etsy that moved me, and I wanted to share. It drew me toward it...a moment of sadness combined with a feeling of peace. I don't know if you will see what I see...perhaps it's just my state of mind. I wish you a day full of beautiful and peaceful moments...

"A dreamy day at the beach"