Monday, March 15, 2010

A Sunny Day...

I stayed home from work today...still working on healing a broken heart. Today is already a much brighter day, though...beautiful morning and I am finally starting to feel a bit like my old self. I actually slept a full 8 hours, which I actually don't think I had done since I found out I was body finally gave in to the exhaustion and let me get my much-needed zzz's.

Going to dive right back into wedding planning this week, and I am looking forward to doing some DIY projects and scrolling through my beloved wedding blogs -, and, just to name a few. I opened my "wedding checklist", I have A LOT to do in the months to come, so I don't think it will be hard to keep myself very busy :)

Anywho...going to get back on track with my usual posts...little tidbits that I think my friends and family might find valuable in their everyday I hope you will continue to stop by for a visit.


p.s. here is a photo of a wedding that i LOVE...very similar to the style we are going for with ours. the groom even has a billy-ball corsage!!