Friday, May 14, 2010


My fabulously talented friend, Taryn, and her lovely business partner, Shelby, recently started a new photography business together - and ooooohhhh girls, this one's a goodie!!

Close your eyes boys - this one's for ladies only! (seriously!)

Joielala Photographie ...all you gotta say is boudoir, loves...yes, those sexy, sultry, gorgeous pics that catch you at your prime...whether you are looking for a wedding gift for your soon to be hubby (hmm) or just want some fabulous pics so you can remember how hot you were in your 20s/30s (or any age, for that matter!), these are the shots that all lovely ladies need to have as keepsakes. Special, intimate, for-your-eyes-only photos that capture your beauty in such a personal way.

And if you are not comfy strutting your stuff in lingerie on camera, no problem! Taryn & Shelby are doing boudoir-bikini shoots, too :) So for all of you darling So-Cal beach bunnies, capture and embrace the essence of your beauty, and save the spirit forever!
Taryn & Shelby are so sweet and wonderful, you can't help but feel comfortable...even in your skivvies!