Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weddings are RAD...

Further to my latest posts, I realized they allude to the idea that I might not be *happy* with all of this wedding planning due to the overwhelming task list and never-ending to-do's. But on the contrary - even though it's a bit of a process (and incredibly time consuming...ok, and maybe sometimes I have to remind myself to breathe b/c I still can't quite get my arms around everything), I still really enjoy all of the creative aspects that come along with each little detail (wedding blog & Etsy love!!), knowing it's all part of creating our very special day.

Weddings have become such a statement of who the couple is; their personal style and a true expression of their love and commitment. There are almost no "rules" anymore - who needs a church when you have the gorgeous setting of the ocean, a backyard, a forest, the art gallery, contemporary sustainable venue or historic City Hall (SF)?!
They are just so beautiful, so special. Big or small, simple or extravagant - as long as the couple does what is a true expression of their partnership, love and life together, a wedding can truly be all that we hope it will be...and I can't wait to celebrate ours. I have no idea how it will all come together, but I'm certain of one thing - as long as we have our close friends and family there, it will truly be a perfect day, with our without all of the little details.
Here are clips of a few of my favorite weddings from my beloved - Once Wed, 100 Layer Cake and Green Wedding Shoes.


*this last one is of my lovely digital pen-pal, Liz, and her darling hubby unbelievably cute are they!?!?!?! they served pizza, which i think is such an amazing idea!