Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mind Games...

I seem to be playing mind games with myself lately. One minute I'm loving the creative aspects of planning our simple little backyard wedding (lovely blogs!), the next minute I'm slumping over because I can't believe I spent 4 hours on my precious Sunday working on some of the (very many) non-creative aspects of the wedding...entering addresses, researching hotels and transportation and spending wayyyyy too much time debating - white ceramic or clear glass vases?! What?! Does it really even matter??

I never thought I would have a wedding, but if I did, I figured it would just be our closest friends and family, barefoot on a remote beach; we'd say our vows with the ocean as our witness and then move forward in our lives, happily ever after. Done. No fuss...no frills...and please, no puffy dresses.

Well, instead of the ocean as our witness, we decided to have my parents' overgrown, rustic, succulent-filled backyard as the setting for our intimate, little ceremony...a sweet and simple way to make our special day personal and comfortable; just our style.

I learned very quickly that no matter what the size, the words "simple" and "wedding" do not mix. I thought small would be easy...but my goodness, there's a lot to do for one sweet day! As any bride knows, it can be a bit overwhelming at times, and I often feel like I'm just running in circles.

My mom reminded me of something tonight, though. This is supposed to be the best day of our lives (until babies, of course)...so it helped put it all back into perspective. I know that the second I see Matt when I'm walking down the aisle, I will truly understand what this is all about...until then....I will just take one task at a time.