Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taking a break...

Another gorgeous southern California weekend has come and gone...filled with bike rides, blissful beach naps, BBQs...and lots of cocktails. After all, what goes better with a beautiful day at the beach than a refreshing 'cold beverage' to top off one of the last weekends of Spring?!

Well, with summer right around the corner (and the fact that I'm feeling a little slower today which I am certain is due to the over-consumption of cupcakes, cookies and cocktails), I have made a pact with myself that I am going to go until 4th of July without having a sip of alcohol. Basically, a mini-detox.

Now, I must say (to avoid an assumption that I might be misrepresenting myself!) - it's not hard for me to pass on going "big" when Friday night hits...I am way too old (and boring) to rage at the local dive bars, screaming Journey hits at the top of my lungs while my arms fling aimlessly around me. But, part of our weekend ritual always starts with a lovely (and often large) glass of vino...such a nice way to ring in our days off from the grind. I just figured that now is as good of a time as any to treat my body with a little extra love and care (summer & wedding - yowza!) and take a short break.

So...farewell to my friend, and even sometimes my foe (when the headache rings in after a night of catching up with the girls)...until 4th of July, I will be sipping with less satisfaction...but I look forward to when we meet again :)

Anyone wanna do this with me?!?! I might need support...haha!