Sunday, June 6, 2010

Writers block...

Well, it was interesting timing for me to decide to do my mini detox from alcohol, as last night I could have used a gigantic glass of wine more than ever.

I have been working on an essay of sorts - basically a short story that I will be pitching to various publications, hopeful to launch a possible freelance writing career (part of the whole soul-searching thing I've been going through!). I've been working on it for weeks...always a bit uncertain of where I am going with it...until I spent all afternoon on Friday working on it. Voi la! After four hours of vigorously typing, I finally had a finished product that I was proud of and felt confident in sharing with the powers that be. This was my ticket to new beginnings!

Right. Well, apparently I had saved the file incorrectly (there was a lot of computer jibber-jabber that I didn't understand when Matt's tech-smart brother came over to try and recover my beloved), and the file was lost in the black hole of technology. Toast. I couldn't believe it. I finally had a moment of clarity and had written a piece that I was excited to upon page...gone. I was totally devastated. All of my thoughts were wiped away by the simple click - or no click - of a button. I never lost a lengthy term paper due to computer (or human) error during college, so I guess this was finally my slap in the face.

Lesson learned - back up, and then back up again. And again.

Needless to say, I spent the majority of my weekend desperately trying to recover my thoughts that seemed to spill so effortlessly onto the keyboard just a day totally cramped in a heavy cloud of writer's block. It was like the files in my brain were erased and nothing has quite come together the same...but I am hopeful that in the end, it will all come together. We'll see. I'm dizzy from looking at a fluorescent computer screen all weekend.

Now I see why my dad loved his typewriter.