Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Friday...

Good morning!

I was just online purchasing some RIT Dye Sunguard to get my clothes ready for summer, and thought it would be a good tip to pass along, following my skin cancer awareness post a few weeks ago.

This stuff is great...I've used it for years. Along with slathering myself in sunscreen from head to toe when I head out for summer activities, I also add this awesome laundry aid to my wash and it provides additional protection from harmful UV rays, adding SPF to what you wear! I have used it on almost all of my clothes and it's totally harmless to fabrics...doesn't effect the clothes at all other than adding SPF 30, blocking about 95% of rays!!

I have super sensitive skin (and use all-natural, unscented detergents) and Sunguard does not irritate me at all :) Great for kids clothes, too!

It helps make staying sun-safe extra easy and convenient :)

Happy weekend Loves!!