Friday, July 23, 2010

Top Picks...Sunscreen

So, by now y'all know how interested I am in sun-safe rituals and the importance of taking care of your skin. I was recently chatting with a lovely (and beautifully pregnant) friend of mine about top-selling sunscreens and how much hype is around certain brands which, contrary to popular belief, are actually full of nasty, and even toxic, chemicals. Although many brands (Neutragena, Aveeno, Coppertone, Banana Boat and many more) claim they offer the best sun protection and are "safe for baby," the EWG (Environmental Working Group) has actually found quite the contrary. Along with the EWG, my dermo shared with me years ago - always opt for a sunscreen full of zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide - the mineral option for sunscreen - much more natural and a true physical sunscreen (vs the chemical options full of avobenzone, oxybenzone and other icky stuff the penetrates the skin).

I've spent years looking into various options, on a hunt to find the healthiest sunscreens for my skin, meanwhile trying to avoid the white barrier that the best/most natural choices tend to offer (full of zinc and titanium). Here are my top choices, based on data from the EWG and my personal experience...all of which you can find at Whole Foods or Mother's Market, or online. All options below offer both, UVA and UVB protection and are full of organic, mineral ingredients.

Devita - My fave!! I use their age defying moisturizer, sunscreen moisturizer SPF 30, and their solar body sunscreen...all sunscreens are full of zinc, but none leave any white residue!! And it makes my skin feel soft and nourished...LOVE these products!! Great for everyday moisturizer and body lotion.

COOLA - I love this product too! Just started using it, but like Devita, the product is all organic, vitamin rich, super moisturizing and feels great on the skin. It's light and is full of zinc & titanium without the white residue. Great for everyday moisturizer and all other activities.

Jason's - Another great choice full of healthy, mineral ingredients...great for all over body (and at a lower price) although some of their products do leave a heavy layer on skin, so it's not as "moisturizing" as the two above. This product is great for athletes, a long day at the beach and all-over body screen.

California Baby - For all of my prego friends (and my goodness, there are quite a few of you!) this is a fantastic option. Natural, healthy and non-chemical. Ok for sweet baby skin!

Also remember - regardless of if it's sunny, gloomy (like it's been for months now!) or you even if are going to be inside all day, it's still very important to apply SPF 30 everyday...especially on face, neck, chest and hands. Keep covered up and in the shade whenever possible, and don't forget your hat if you are planning on spending more than 30 min outside!

Happy Weekend!