Friday, September 10, 2010


Less than 4 wks till the wedding...WOW. I really can't believe it's almost here. All the plans, all the decorations, all the decisions...finally coming together!!

The incredibly thoughtful and generous girls at my office threw me a surprise wedding shower this week and it was lovely. They planted gorgeous succulent arrangements for the centerpieces (same as our wedding) and used our colors (yellow, gray and white) in every little detail....even on the darling mini-cupcakes. They ordered lunch from Zinc Cafe which is absolutely delicious gourmet vegetarian food, my fave!! It was beautiful...they truly went all-out...made me feel so special.

My uber-creative co-worker, Michelle, wrapped her gift to me in her own darling artwork...I love it!! I framed it and we will be using it a part of our wedding special!! It's super simple and just perfect (there is a glare on the pic that created a little shadow on Matt's face when we took the pic).

Happy Friday!!