Saturday, February 26, 2011

The un-politician...John Stewart

I've never been interested in writing about politics on my blog...for many reasons, but most importantly because I don't know enough about politics to come from a credible source, and also because I think any discussion re: politics can be very personal.

With that said, I am an avid watcher of The Daily Show with John Stewart (if you haven't seen it, set your DVR - Comedy Central), and I just wanted to throw this out there...if Obama decides not to run a 2nd term, I really think John Steward could be an exceptional candidate for Pres. Right!?!?!?

I think he is the most brilliant social & political icon of our time. Bold statement, I know. I am in total awe of his intelligence, wit, humor, sensibility and dynamic personality. Such an incredible, influencial figure in today's divided political climate - simply stated, he's no BS.

If I had the opportunity to invite any celebrity/public figure to Thanksgiving dinner, it would be John Stewart. How cool would that be?!

Happy Saturday! xoxo