Thursday, April 14, 2011

Organized chaos...

Well, it's been a while. Hello. Part of me felt like my last post, ATTITUDE, was probably the most important post I've ever done, so I figured I'd leave it up for a while. The other part of me has been completely consumed with a dozen different projects that seem to be taking up an incredible amount of my day...into the night. My laptop is my best friend. All good though... We "kick-started" Collectively for a Cause of girlfriends who are coming together to create positive change in our community (like a way cooler Junior League - hehehe). We enjoyed this past Sunday afternoon at my place, and we already have 2 events on the books:

  • April 23rd - Earth Day Beach Clean Up in Manhattan Bch - meeting at 11am at 18th Street

  • July 16th - Children Today's 5k/10k in Long Beach -

Please join us for both or either, if you can! We'd love to get a big group of us for both events.

Another organization that I'm hoping CFAC will be able to support in the future is the Los Angeles Youth Network ( - an amazing non-profit that provides 3 youth shelters in LA (the only remaining youth shelters in the city). I recently met with the Director at one of the homes...the housing is lovely and they provide shelter, food, clothing, therapy, social workers & education/tutors to help homeless teens in LA get back in school and back on their feet. The very prestigious (and crazy expensive) private highschool, Harvard Westlake, is putting on their 4th annual FASHION FOR ACTION fashion show in May, and all proceeds go to support LAYN. So...what better time for me to start getting involved than when it's a fashion-related event to raise money for a great cause?!?!

I've spent the last few days reaching out to everyone i know to help get support/clothing donations/product donations (thank you so much to those who have contributed), etc, for the runway and silent auction (if you know anyone, please let me know!). Keeping me very, very busy, but i'm hopeful that we will be able to exceed the $30,000 they made in last year's event. We'll see! LAYN really needs the support.

Meanwhile, I'm planning numerous events for work...juggling like crazy...but loving it. Learning so much right now. Everyday poses new challenges and new opportunities to expand my knowledge and experience...counting my blessings. If you'd like to be involved in ANY of the organizations/events I've listed above, please reach out to me...I'd love to chat with you about them in further detail.

Wishing you a beautiful day!!