Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eat. Drink. Entertain.

In preparation for our NY trip, I jumped onto GOOP.com to check out what Gwenyth Paltrow suggests as must-eats when traveling to the Big Apple. I have mixed feelings about GP - she seems a bit uptight and I've heard not-so-great things about her from an acquaintance who spent Thanksgiving with her years ago...but regardless, she is definitely "in the know" and has great taste when it comes to all-things entertaining.

Per GP's suggestions, I promptly booked reservations at 2 restaurants that have now become a couple of my faves, too. We enjoyed fresh, seasonal foods at a twinkle-light dinner at Mario Batali's lovely & quaint, Lupa (Soho), and zenned out at the exquisite Han Gawi (mid-town), authentic Korean vegetarian cuisine.

Anyway, back to my reason for this post. While perusing through GOOP, I found another post that featured online retailer, One Kings Lane. Oh my. If you click on the link, be prepared to shop! The site is full of fabulous decor, entertaining & gifts, all at discounted prices. And it's not cheesy-sale stuff that is discounted because it's stuck on a rack...everything on there is lovely & totally worth checking out. It really is the perfect place to find thoughtful, special gifts & classic home decor.