Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We spent part of last week in Boston and then headed to NYC for a mini-getaway. It was lovely. The history & culture in Boston is fascinating and beautiful. In our traditional travel fashion, we actually ran around almost the entire city during our trip (including into Cambridge) - literally, strapped on our running shoes and ran. Poor Matt though - with as big of an athlete he is, his feet & legs definitely paid a price for not being a runner! Probably not a great idea to go on a long-distance run when you haven't even gone a mile in the last year. Lesson learned. We'll be "training" before our next trip :)

One of our favorite parts of Boston (if not our favorite) was our trip around Harvard. All I could think while we were strolling past the plush lawns surrounded by incredible, charming, old architecture compiled of red brick buildings & white trim was, "wow, I wonder if Obama walked here?!" Even during our run along the river, we were wondering how many Presidents & known intellectuals had strolled along the paths that we were now enjoying during a perfectly sunny & crisp Spring day. I thought I'd share some of our pics...more to come, later.