Friday, December 16, 2011

Please watch...and share...

I've done a few postings over the last couple years about the crucial importance of taking care of your skin, and protecting it from the harmful rays of the sun.  I know for most people, especially living in So-Cal, slathering on sunscreen is not something many really take seriously if they have not personally been affected.  Well, I have.  And I wanted to share this video that a dear friend sent to me this morning...I hope it will inspire you to take care of your skin and shield yourself with SPF 30+ everyday - even in the middle of winter, or when the clouds are hovering over, or if you work inside most of the day, you are still exposed to ultraviolet rays that can lead to cancer, so you still need to wear sunscreen whenever the sun is up. 
Melanoma is one of the few cancers we can completely prevent - but if not caught early, your rate of survival drops below 10%.  Please, please, please, watch this video, share it with friends and family and see a dermatologist EVERY year.  It can save your saved mine.