Monday, April 15, 2013

We are so blessed...

I gaze at my baby's sweet round face; her eyes wide and bright, her gaze back at me so innocent and endearing.  I look at her and think of how blessed we are.  She has everything ahead of her, and her daddy and I are so fortunate to be able to provide a warm, safe home full of love - she will be encouraged, supported and adored - and she will always have a safe place in our arms.  

I look at my sweet angel, and I think of the millions of babies and children around the world who don't have what we are able to offer our little one.  A safe, warm home.  Food whenever they are hungry, clean water when they are thirsty.  Security, peace and unconditional love.  My heart aches when I think of all the children who suffer every day…from hunger, abuse, poverty…the tiny ones who walk for miles every night in Uganda to sleep in a "safe house" to avoid being kidnapped by the LRA.  The orphans in India…Russia…China…and so many here, in our own backyard.  Those who are not safe in the arms of their parents...who are never given a chance...

I think of the mothers who feel the same incredible love that I have for Ellie, for their little ones, but who cannot provide all of the simple luxuries that so many of us take for granted - being able to give our babies nurishment, safety, warmth.  I cannot even fathom the angst and sadness must fill their hearts, being unable to give what every mother should have the right and privilege to give.

My chest tightens and eyes well up every time I look at my angel girl, and think of all of the innocent little loves who deserve everything that Ellie has been given…but simply because of where they were born or who they were born to, every day is a struggle for them.

It is so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day…silly challenges, woes and emotions…but reflecting, daily, on all that we are so fortunate to have, and fully understanding that it is simply only because of where we were born and who we were born to that we have been given all of these incredible privileges helps put things in perspective.A constant reminder of how beautiful our life is, if we choose to embrace all that we have been so blessed with, and the importance of doing our part to help those who have not.  

To my girls who started Collectively for a Cause with me…it's time to get together again…as a new mom, I feel more compelled than ever to help sweet angels in need.  I will be in touch…

Our Sweet Angel