Friday, March 26, 2010

LIVE what you LOVE...

Many of my conversations with friends over the past year have been tied into how we all feel like we have been sucked into some sort of odd transition over the past year or two that has left us with feelings of discontent and uncertainty...not necessarily about the future, but more about today. Many of us are questioning where we are at this point in our lives - are we living what we love? Sadly, all too often, the answer is a loud and disappointing, NO.

I always thought that by 30, I would have it all figured out. Then life happened. And here I am. 30...and still searching for what it is that I want to do?? Don't get me wrong - I am incredibly thankful for all of the wonderful things that I have been so blessed with, and the career that I have - but there is definitely a big, empty void where I am left wondering...what's next? And, what am I going to do to make sure I have done my part to make this world a better place when I'm gone?

So the search continues...and I know I am not alone in my quest. Although most of my friends have lead successful, often lucrative careers, we are all asking the same thing - is this it? This is what we pull ourselves out of our comfy beds and work 40-50 hrs a week for? To own a home? Drive a nice car? Buy an expensive pair of shoes? To me, this does not feel like success at all...and I think many of us are starting to truly explore what the meaning of "living what you love" is, and what it is to truly be "successful."

I guess my point of this note is just to share my thoughts, put it out there into the universe, and hope that it comes back with some answers for me. I do think my path is starting to change, and I am excited (and sometimes overly ambitious in my thoughts) for what's ahead. I know every day is part of the experience, part of the growth and part of what's going to get me one step closer...meanwhile, I am going to do my best to enjoy, learn and live, one lovely day at a time.