Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back to basics...

Now that the wedding is over and I can risk skin irritation, I have ventured back into my neverending attempt to find the ultimate skin care line that truly unveils soft, youthful, glowing skin...along with being 100% natural & organic. I thought I'd write about this again (follwing a post I did months ago) because I happened to be out shopping at lunch today and I ran into a friend of mine who I haven't seen in almost a year...and she kindly said I looked "refreshed and relaxed." That could partially be due to having the "newlywed glow" but I also have to give some credit to the skin care I've gone back to using the last few weeks (I had switched to more clinical skincare before the wedding because my skin started wigging out after a facial-gone-wrong!).

Of course, there are a ton of products that claim "natural" and "organic" but the reality is that they might have some of those qualities but might not actually be 100%, still full off harmful toxins and, after being a Sephora-junkie for years, and switching most of my products to all-natural, when possible, I have found my #1 when it comes to moisturizer and a daily sunscreen.


DeVita - their products are awesome. Plain and simple. All natural, 100% parban free, PETA certified, vegan cosmecueticals. Not necessarily inexpensive, but comparable to a lot of the other products many of us use...and worth every penny. My skin feels so soft and moisturized (and very protected!!) when I use their Solar Protective cream. can pick it up when you do your grocery shopping! It's sold at Whole Foods, Mother's Market and many other healthfood/natural stores and online retailers.

Two other very natural & noteworthy lines that I love...

Josie Maran - I've just started using this lovely supermodel's Argan Oil and bought her tinted moisturizer, mascara and eyeliner - all available at Sephora. When it comes to make up, as I continue to run out of my conventional products (Laura Mercier, MAC, etc) I'm going to try and switch everything over to Josie's "green" line.

Ole Hendricksen - their spa in Hollywood is fabulous...currently using their antioxident rich night serum and my skin soaks it up!!